Who we are helping

Start a Smile Four disadvantaged pre-schools with 4 gifts per year per child. The gifts drives will coincide with Easter, Winter, Birthdays and Christmas. This year we are focusing the gifts to be a birthday gift, blanket, books and shoes per child.
With Wheels 5 recipients from 5 different institutions
Recipients from:
  • Pathways in Roodepoort
  • Felicitas School;
  • Sparrow Village;
  • Con Amore School;
  • Chance Children’s Home – selected Vita Nova School
Purpose 2 Play 2 schools matched with 2 underprivileged schools
Mama Music 2 institutions per year to enhance their onsite libraries via the Mama Music Literacy Program
Mama Music Help a Family of Five Project
A family of five children arrived on a Children’s Home doorstep unexpectedly after they were removed from their family home due to undesirable circumstances. These children, ranging from 1 to 10 years old were in desperate need of clothing, blankets and other essentials. Through the generous help of our supporters we managed to send them a bulk collection to see them through.

Feed the Chance Children Project
The Chance Children’s Home was in desperate need of food for the 80 orphans that they care for on a daily basis. There was a delay in them receiving the government subsidy for two months and it had dire results. Music for the Children Foundation along with the help of 702 Talk Radio John Robbie Show managed to assist chance in collecting food to last them 3 months. The situation has since been rectified.