About Us

Music For The Children Foundation (MFTC) was established in 2005 by the brothers, Phoevos and Adonis Pouroulis with the vision to create a vehicle to raise funds, primarily through the medium of music, to assist the ill, abandoned and abused children of South Africa. Now in 2011 Helene Pouroulis has taken over the reigns filling the position of Chairlady and bringing new energy to the Organization. In the intervening years, MFTC has raised more than R3 million in support of a number of children’s causes that ‘fall into the gap’, meaning that for one reason or another, do not receive assistance from government or other sources.

Our Credo

Music for the Children Foundation (MFTC) exists to provide financial aid to children in need in South Africa. We believe that we play a constructive role in producing well-rounded adults who will make positive contributions to our society.

The children’s needs may be physical, emotional and/or developmental. MFTC’s view is that the need is usually apparent and often urgent. Consequently, we seek to provide financial assistance in response to the assessed need, and we do so timeously. We practice due diligence in assessing the needs in all cases. This is an ethos subscribed to by all the Board Members in the interests of our generous donors, beneficiaries and other loyal supporters.

We assist, wherever possible, to ‘help the helpers’. These are the many selfless individuals and groups who share our concern for our nation’s children in need, and who make their contribution daily, often without support or recognition.

We do not engage our beneficiary relationships with individuals or institutions on a contractual, long-term or open-ended basis. Our intention is to make a positive difference when and where we can towards our beneficiaries for them to attainself-sufficiency, and then to move on to support other, deserving causes. While not a pre-requisite, we encourage those we support, as and when they can, to support others in turn, in similar circumstances in a positive way.

Music is our leitmotif, a feature wherever possible of our various fund-raising initiatives, because of its power to transcend barriers of age, language and culture, to entertain and to universally inspire and uplift.